Building Solutions

At Wholesale Controls, we offer the latest in building automation systems and controls. Our services include end-to-end solutions; installation and service, engineering, maintenance agreements, and customer training. Our Building Automation Solutions (BAS) maximize energy efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure optimal tenant comfort, offering complete stability for buildings and mission critical facilities.

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Building automation solutions can be integrated into your heating, cooling, lighting, and security systems. These solutions allow for ease of use, convenience, cost and time savings measures. Creating the best energy efficient system and communication networks is a challenge, but can be fulfilled by contacting one of our dedicated building solutions experts today!

  •  Optimized energy and operational efficiency
  •  Automated monitoring and control through a wireless platform
  •  Quick and better decision making
  •  Smart control of your facility and a reduced risk of system failure
  •  Lower life cycle costs
  •  Increased safety and security measures with ease

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